People. Relationships. Technology.

Those are the three pillars that have made our group among the fastest-growing industrial real estate private equity companies, and one of the 50 largest owners in the U.S.

People: We are constantly seeking driven and intelligent people to help facilitate our exponential growth. The people in the company feature a specific culture and DNA – We move fast, are very agile, but also very thorough and data-driven. Working at Faropoint will be in a dynamic environment that would be exciting and highly beneficial for your career.

Relationships: Our employees, partners, investors, and other stakeholders are always top of mind. Since we are consistently growing, there are always new opportunities for career advancement and new relationships to foster. The shoes that need filling just get bigger and bigger. All you need to do is demonstrate initiative and lead, and we will be right there next to you to support and help think through complex challenges. Within a relatively short period of time, you will witness that we trust your judgment to make big decisions on behalf of Faropoint and our business partners, as well as take charge of large projects and initiatives. That is the kind of relationship we have with our employees. We know our expectations are high, and we offer a competitive compensation package accordingly.

Technology: We continuously implement technological solutions to increase efficiency, transparency, and accuracy across our business units. Real Estate is considered a ‘conservative’ industry with common practices that do not always fit 21st century needs. Working at Faropoint will allow you to gain exposure to new, cutting edge technology tools that provide us the ability to run fast, streamline processes, and add value to all stakeholders.

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